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Board Members

Head Coach: Grace Malacrida (CoachMalacrida@outlook.com)
Executive Committee
President: Tina Lemieux (president@milehighrowing.org)
Vice President: Patti Little   (vicepresident@milehighrowing.org)
Treasurer:                                (treasurer@milehighrowing.org)
Secretary: Teri Evans           (secty@milehighrowing.org)
Board Members
Fundraising: VACANT    (fundraising@milehighrowing.org)
   Learn to Row:  Coaches Lisa Dirth & Grace Malacrida (LearntoRow.MHRC@outlook.com)
Regatta Chair: Justine Needham  (regattas@milehighrowing.org)
Volunteers-Gear Chair: Marni Kellish  (volunteers-gear@milehighrowing.org)
Facilities and Maintenance Chair: Scott Milne
Public Relations:  Liesl Buck (pr@milehighrowing.org)