MHRC Attendance Policy

Coaches set up practice workouts based on a specific number of athletes in attendance. If an athlete fails to appear at practice or a race, last minute changes consume precious time, and if several athletes fail to attend, the result may be a canceled practice or a missed race for the rest of the team.

  •  Rowers and coxswains must arrive on time to practices, races, and any other scheduled MHRC event. Those who are late will not be boated.
  •  Consistent absence from practice is grounds for dismissal from the team with no refund.
  • Parent/Guardian email notification at for the Junior Men and the Junior Women may excuse an illness or injury. *This does not apply to Learn to Rows.  You are expected to make all Learn to Rows.  There are no excused days.*
  • Written doctors release forms are required to return to practice after missing more than three days of practice due to illness, injury or a surgical procedure. 
  •  Known absences such as family vacations and other standing commitments need to be sent to the email addresses above at least two weeks prior to the absence for it to be taken into consideration for excusal.  Just sending the email does not make it excused. You will be notified if your request has been approved.
  • Three unexcused absences will be  grounds for  dismissal from the team or suspension from regattas. If proper notification of an athlete’s absence is not received, the coach determines the penalty.
  • Except for observed Religious Holidays, there are no scheduled holidays for crew practice. Any other days off are at the coaches' discretion. Try to schedule family vacations around practice or and race days.
  • Attendance at practices is required during your school's fall and spring breaks.
  • Participants are responsible for their own transportation, to and from the Marina for practices and in-state races. MHRC is in no way liable for any members or guests once they leave the Marina or race site after, or during, practices or races.
  • Parents: please make sure you have made arrangements for your rower to be picked up on time at the end of practice.   Should you fail to pick up your rower within 10 mins of practice end time, your rower will be charged an unexcused.
  •  Participation in regattas is required and is a firm commitment of anyone who registers for our programs.  Please refer to the guidelines for individual seasons for regatta requirements.
  • .  Email absence notices from rowers are not accepted unless a parent is copied on the email.