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January 2018

Seeking the Challenge: Four MHRC Rowers Head to College Rowing

Four Mile High Rowing Club seniors brought their college application process to a close when they signed their official offers. Recruitment has been a part of MHRC from the beginning in 2008, with graduates rowing for Yale, Harvard, Syracuse, and American University.

This year, Sarah Denker, Meaghan Miner, Etta Carpender, and Piper Robinson, accepted offers from Notre Dame, University of Massachusetts at Amherst, University of Texas, and Colgate University. Head Coach Grace Malacrida writes, “This is a first for Mile High to have four girls from the team who attend four different area high schools commit to four different colleges. Very proud of the girls and how far they have come in these past few years. Looking forward to watching them row in college.”

Why rowing? and why continue in college? Sarah Denker said she was hooked by the challenge of the sport, not just the physical, but also the mental toughness rowing requires. “College will take it to the next level,” she said. Attending camp at Ready, Set, Row this summer took her to Club Nationals, not only to race, but also to watch the college teams and meet coaches. That helped her decide where she’d arrange for tours. While being guided through the the boat houses, she got a sense of two different cultures in the different programs. One makes “every day a race day,” where competition is everything, every teammate represents someone to beat. The other fosters a more supportive environment, where “teammates are friends who cheer each other on” as they all work to win. Sarah found that she preferred the second one and so signed with Notre Dame.

Academics were just as important as rowing to Meaghan Miner, recruited to UMass in Amherst. “I could genuinely see myself thriving there both in the classroom and the boat. Rowing in college was always a bit of a no-brainer for me because I couldn't see myself giving up the sport. At UMass, I can see everything I appreciated about rowing back when I had just started out as a novice. From the intense and dedicated attitude of the team to the camaraderie among the girls, I feel it is a fantastic environment to continue doing something I love.”

MHRC Coach Olivia Kinet, the rowing recruitment specialist at CaptainU, offers these words of advice for athletes interested in pursuing sports in college. “My biggest tips would be 1) to stay proactive in the recruiting process - don't wait for coaches to reach out to you. Be the one to contact them and let them know you're interested. 2) stay open minded - you don't know what's going to happen, so it's always a good idea to keep your options open, and 3) don't be afraid to ask questions. Not only does that show the coach that you want to learn more, but also gives you the opportunity to see if the college/program matches with what you're looking for.”

Mile High Rowing Club’s success in developing outstanding athletes starts with igniting the love of a challenge, no matter what the level, and helping each one finding the way to achieve the success they’re capable of, whether or not they end up competing at Junior Nationals, on the National Team, or in college.

January 2017

2017 DIRC Results

MHRC Hosts the Denver Indoor Rowing Championships

June 2016

MHRC Places a Boat at Youth Nationals

Row2k Photo of the Day

February 2016

MHRC Rowers Haul in the Medals at the Denver Indoor Rowing Championship

Mile High Rowing Club participated in the Denver Indoor Rowing Championships on February 12-14. Congratulations to our rowers who saw the outstanding results of their winter training! Click here for full results of the championship.  Click here to view the DIRC photo gallery.

June 2015

MHRC places 7th in the Girls Pair and 18th in the Lightweight Girls 8+ at the 2015 US Rowing Youth Nationals

MHRC rowers qualified for the 7th consecutive year to compete at the USRowing Youth National Championship, which were on June 12-14, 2015, in Sarasota. Considered the premier youth rowing event in the United States, the annual championship draws approximately 1,500 rowers from roughly 150 teams across the country. Jessie Dobler, Rock Canyon High School, and Jade Thornton, East High School, placed 7th in the Girls Pair.  Stephanie Li, Cherry Creek High School; Alex Bassock, Heritage High School; Meaghan Miner, St. Mary’s Academy; Adrienne Jacob, Regis High School; Lucy Schwartz, Cherry Creek High School; Carlson Given, Evergreen High School; Anna Scheitler, Mullen High School; Katie Kume, Heritage High School; and Lily Fordyce, Castle View High School, place 18th in the Lightweight Girls 8+. Congratulations Mile High! Click here for a Denver Post Article

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